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C3 Parts/Repairs - Interior/Exterior


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Vendor Description
DPZCAR Used, OEM parts
Dr. Rebuild Reproduction parts
Dream Restorations Original, restored, N.O.S. and aftermarket parts
Dynamic Corvettes N.O.S., used parts
E. Sturgis Radio sales, service, restorations (1968-70)
Eckler's Reproduction and aftermarket parts and accessories
Eddie Wass Vettes Variety of used parts
Elmers Auto Parts Inc. Wide variety of used parts (wheels, interiors) etc.
Gary Tayman's Collector Car Audio Reproduction radios, stereo conversion, in-dash replacement stereos
Gee Auto Sales Wide variety of parts
Glassworks The Hardtop Shop Window glass, hardtops
GM Sports Inc. Wide variety of used parts
Graves Plating Chrome, nickel, copper, brass and gold plating and stainless steel and aluminum polishing
Gruhala Enterprises Wide variety of parts
GT Restoration Reproduction (OEM style) weatherstripping and rubber parts
Gulf Coast Corvette Parts and Supplies New and used parts and accessories
Instrument Services Inc. Restoration clocks, speedometers, tachometers, gauge clusters, complete clocks (quartz & electric)
J & D Corvette New & Reproduction parts
JC Whitney Parts and accessories
Jesser's Classic Keys N.O.S. and antique keys


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